Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snowbirds 2010

Snowbirds: 9/26/2010 - Matthews Point Marina, Mitchell Creek, NC

The days are warm and the mornings break clean, clear, and cool with “smoke” drifting just above the surface of the water. There is a crispness in the air that signals fall. The hurricane season draws to a close and their Atlantic threat diminishes. Flocks of boat tail grackle swirl and spiral silhouetted in front of the full moon before going to roost for the night in the trees along the edges of Mitchell Creek. Schools of mullet fill the creek and crater the smooth dark waters chased by some unseen predator from below. And “snowbirds” like myself get itchy feet and prepare to take flight – it is almost time to go.

The bright crisp mornings stir a flurry of activity among us “island gypsies.” Ships stores go aboard by the cart load. Spare parts lists are checked and re-check. Last minute projects are tidied up - the lists grow shorter. We pore over charts as we look with longing to favorite anchorages and harbors. Slowly, quietly, sadly, we say our private goodbys to land based friends over drinks in the cockpit or dinners aboard or ashore. Slowly, quietly, joyously, our hearts turn toward the cruising friends new and old we will meet again for the first time in the months to come. Points south dominate our minds and hearts – points South, ever South. The sad glorious date of departure draws near. The docklines have not been cut but the voyage has already begun in our hearts.

This year we will be in “Gigi's Island” not my beloved “Oconee.” “Oconee” will wait patiently here at Matthews Point for my return in the spring. She has 9 months - plenty of time to plot her “revenge” for leaving her behind.

Fairwinds & Rum Drinks,

Vic Copelan


Vicki Lane said...

Wow, Vic, that is some beautiful writing! Lyrical! Reminds me of a chapter in WIND IN THE WILLOWS about the creatures that were moving south for the winter -- really, you need to read it.

And the pictures are gorgeous too!

Fair winds!

Anonymous said...

Always eloquent, you carry me with you through your prose.

May the wind rise up to meet you, may you sail a gentle sea; and may it always be the other guy who says "this drinks on me"!!