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2015/09/23 Summer 2015

2015 June to September: Iowa to Vancouver / British Columbia

Just outside the harbor a way out on the water a ship is under sail.
I wave bye bye.
I wish you God speed. I wish you lovely weather. More luck than you need.
You only sail in circles so there's no need to cry.
Oh, I'll see you again one day...and then I'll wave Bye Bye.”

Jimmy Buffett (Pretty much describes the life of a cruiser. Thanks Jimmy. VC)


This morning's coffee on the aft deck included a visit from “Fall” – a precursor of things to come. There was a thick, soft, moist fog that enveloped our world. Everything disappeared in the soft glow of dawn. There was the deep throated resound of fog horns around the harbor, and the air had the coolish nip typical of a season being born. Boat tail grackles were swirling off their night time roost looking for the mystery that leads them South. South where Fall lingers all Winter. South where the “snowbirds” gather be they winged or two legged. The same stirrings are strong is us as well...and it is time for us to follow in their wake. This week we hope to loose our marina bonds, take in our dock lines, and (if the weather cooperates) head out on this year's adventure.

But a little catch-up first...

It has been a full summer...and that is an understatement. A summer of doctor's visits, flying “Madogs,” Black Bears, Ice fields, and...Layla. I spent June on a road trip visiting Noel, Celine, and my Grandson, Malo (Madog) Copelan. Malo and I had planed all last winter to share a birthday – his is in late June and mine mid-July. What fun. Malo has taken to the water like his Dad, Grandad, and Great Grandad before him. The boy is a duck. The flying Madog photo was taken in France in August. The lady in the chair is Annie, his French Grandmother, and the “topless” little girl is his cousin.
Madog, Vic & Noel
Flying Madogs
 The old Buick and I made it home just in time to attend the “Temples Point 4th of July Parade” - an event not to be missed. The Parade is what the 4th is meant to be – tractors, dogs, kids, hamburgers & hotdogs, beer, friends, family..., and love.

Gigi spent 2 weeks exploring Vancouver and British Columbia including their famous ice fields with her daughter Becky. According to one of her tour guides BC is “Mountains, mountains, mountains, waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, lake, lake, trees, trees..and if lucky wildlife, wildlife, wildlife. After a while they start to all look the same.” But Gigi would add, all beautiful and different in their on subtile way. She loved her time with Becky. It was special...a bucket list trip.

Layla in Prison
I thought long and hard about how to tell this story and finally decided to just let it unfold the way it happened by letting you read the original emails. This makes the story a little long but so be it. Here is “Layla's story. She is one of the lucky is Layla's story.


August 31st


Dear Friends,

A few days ago I went down at Mathews Point to do a little work on Oconee (needed a break from working on the Turtle). It was early in the morning. David had just returned from his morning walk and had a "tag along" - a pretty brindle boxer mix pup about a year and a half old. She was friendly and just seemed to want to be around people.
After a few minutes talking with Jett and David I wandered out to Oconee to start work. While I was below hunting down a can of Cetol I felt the boat move. Stuck my head out the hatch and peered around the dodger and came nose to nose with the boxer. She had invited herself aboard and was standing there wanting a little attention.
I finally got her off the boat and down the dock we went to find David (David said he knew the owners). While David was looking for a line to tie her up with until he could get in touch with them I just on an off chance asked her to sit. She did and looked up as if to say, "is there anything else?" David found a line and tied her up and said he would get in touch with the owner.

I went on about my business, finished the Cetol and dropped by Davids to see how he was making out getting in touch with the owners. David said, "I got em alright. They took the dog straight to the pound." I was in shock. That sweet dog in the Pound. Why would anyone do that? David said they just didn't want her.
I went by the Carteret County Animal Shelter to see if she had been adopted. Her name is Layla and she had not.
This dog "spoke" to me. If I did not live on a boat I would not be writing this email. She would be mine.
If you or anyone you trust would like a nice dog. I will gladly pay the $125 to "spring" her and will deliver her to here new owners.
Thanks for your help. Layla is to nice a dog to waste away in the pound.
September 1st

One day later my friends John and Vicki in the mountains of NC responded:

Vicki said that if you can't find someone closer to you, "Bring her on"?
I wrote back immediately:

Thanks John and Vicki. I can not think of a better home for a dog. Ill check with the pound tomorrow. If we bring her may we stay over night? I suspect she will be like Bob...your shadow.

September 3rd

I will be going by the Pound today and discussing things with them. The $125 fee includes shots, deworming if necessary and spay. I expect that will take a day or so. And no I don't want any help with the money. For some reason my heart feels she is my responsibility.

If we are able to get Layla Gigi and I are thinking about bringing her on 10th and returning on the 11th if that will work for ya'll? That makes for a might short visit but at this time of the year everything turns up a notch in preparation to head South and time is precious. My buds Mike and Jennie have agreed to keep Layla until I can bring her up...they love dogs almost as much as you guys.

I never expected you guys to take Layla but knew you would help find a good home for her. I feel like she has won the lottery.

September 4th

Well yesterday was a frustrating (read infuriating) day. I went by the Animal Shelter yesterday. Told the beady eyed bitch that was behind the counter my Layla story. Explained that I had found a good home for Layla (the best imaginable) and even showed her a photo of you guys on your porch with your pups. I explained that I would like to pick Layla up on the 9th and arrange for an early pick up if possible..we had 350 miles to drive. That's when thing went to hell in a hand basket and Old Vic got frustrated...pissed...and just plain mad.

The Bitch said, "We would have to meet them." They would have to bring their dogs in to see if they were compatible." ...And, that they could not hold a dog for me. They were full to the brim and needed space (figure that one out). They had someone guaranteed to give Layla a good home in 7 days and that was not acceptable? Yet they were going to take the off chance that someone might walk thru the door today and adopt Layla.
At that point I was in shock..and getting in a very augmentative mood. After a few minutes of discussion and my blood pressure rising every minute Gigi herded me out the door before I strangled the Bitch.
I left my phone number for the Bitch's supervisor to call me back..of course she did not.
The problem was I was honest thinking that they would want their dogs to have a good home. That was my big mistake. Us Copelans are pretty case you haven't notice and this ain't over. I am going to call back, and (if they will let me) start adoption procedures for Layla. I'll tell them I had a change of heart, felt responsible for the dog, and wanted her my self.
I hate lies but this day and time lying seems to be the way of the world. I'll let you know how things go.
Frustrated, Mad, Pissed....
I was afraid something like this could happen.

If you thought it would do any good, you could show them the blog post below which shows how we dealt with adopting Bob and introducing him to the pack. Or if the woman you spoke with (or better yet, her supervisor) wanted to call and talk to me, my cell is XXXXXXX.

If you want to read a story of good hearted people take the jump over to Vicki's blog and read her story of Bob. Vic

One More Thing...if the adoption does not work. I will promise them that if they harm one hair on Layla's body I will take the story public to Channel 12, 7, 8, and 9 and visit the mayors of Newport and Morehead City.
September 5th

The Ride
Well it's a done deal...all it took was to lie.

I went by the Pound yesterday told them I wanted to adopt Layla myself and problem.  They brought her out and lead her to a small holding area with a wooden gate to put her new collar on but when she saw me she broke free, busted down the gate and came straight to me. Nothing was going to kepp Layla form getting close enough to touch me.  Nothing.

When I lead her outside I had planed to take her for a short walk and then to the car.  Layla had other ideas.  She went straight to that old white Buick, jumped in the back seat, and would not come if to say, "Get me the hell out of here...NOW!"  I did what she asked.

Jennie and Mike had agreed to keep her until I could take Layla to John and Vicki so we headed for Washington, NC.   I patted the front seat and Layla slowly came up and sate beside me.  She looked around for a bit and then laid down beside me and put her nose on my leg and when to sleep.  She was content and safe and she knew it.  

Leg to nose
Layla did well at Mikes and quickly settled in.  She knows the "no" word.  All you have to do is say "no" with authority and she stops what she is doing and says she is sorry.  She asks when she needs to go out...but don't say the "go" word unless you mean it.  If you do she want to go to ride.

You were right Layla adopted me. She did not want to be far from me.  When Mike, Noel (my son), and I were talking she wold lay at my feet.  I've never had a dog so clearly say, "You are mine." before.

It was very hard to leave her at Mikes.  Noel will be taking her to her new life with John and Vicki in the mountains on Sunday. I told Layla she is one lucky dog to  be selected to go live in a dog's paradise in the mountains with her own pack, and the best people in the world.
Layla and Bob
She will love you guys. She is a smart dog so watch out. She likes men and I expect she will be following you around in short order.
John, Layla, & Noel
I really don't understand what attached her to me. I only saw her once before the Pound but the attachment was clear. Jennie said she went to the door and cried when I left...broke my heart. She is clearly a special dog to me.
Da Spoiling Began

Noel delivered Layla to her new home with John and Vick on September 6th and Layla and Bob, one of their other dogs, became fast friends. The rest of the pack especially Willa is taking a “wait and see attitude. Layla is in dog heaven running with her own pack of dogs..and humans. Here is a link to Vicki's Blog that gives her take on the Layla Story.

John & Vicki

From the bottom of my heart thank you John and Vicki. You are good people.

Fairwinds and Rum Drink,



Layla is Home

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Glad to see you back blogging again. our first paragraph about the call of the South is wonderful.

Layla is a sweetie -- thank you for saving her.