Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12, 2013: There's a Nip In the Air

October 12, 2013: There's A Nip In The Air
The way I see it, you got two choices. You either gotta get busy livin'...or busy dyin'.”
Frank Darabout

“Fun is about as good a habit as there is.”
Jimmy Buffett

There's A Nip In the Air:

There's a nip in the air and I'm considering “long pants” for the first time since last November (god forbid). Salty Turtle is provisioned, as readied as we can make her, and straining at her lines as if to say “turn'em over, run'em up, and lets's go”...go South (for swimsuit weather – have I mentioned I don't like cold weather). We are ready, the boat is ready, but it is not quite time yet. There is one more thing to do – a wedding. 

Solar Panels
It has been a busy and expensive summer. We have rebuilt the high pressure pumps and injectors on both main engines...and the generator. Rebuilt the rams on the stabilizers. Added 1000 watts of solar power and installed a battery monitor. Although I'll admit having Shay Glass as a friend and helper made this job less painful. The Turtle now sports a brand new Force 10, 3 burner propane, cook stove with custom outside cabinet to house the propane – it is a beaut, looks like it grew there. The old electric stove will never ever ruin a meal of mine again – actually considered selling it but didn't want anyone to go thru what the beast did to our food... besides I got too much pleasure out of throwing the bastard in the dumpster. 

New Propane Storage
Our annual haul out at Bock Marine brought one surprise, as I took apart the second seacock to clean and grease it fell apart in my hands – not good, as a matter-of-fact, quite bad. A failed seacock under way could ruin your whole day..and then some. With the help of Dale and Kenny at Bock Marine we replaced every seacock below the water line...all 12. Don't ask how much that cost. While I worked on the seacocks Gigi waxed the topsides and made the Turtle all beautiful. 

And of course, between projects and doctors visits, we managed to see our grandchildren and their parents (always good). The bad part of cruising is the lack of time to visit our kids so the few visits we get are even more precious. I can't wait to take Malo “Madog” Copelan, Noel's son, and Gigi's “Triplets” snorkeling in the Bahamas or just for a splash on the beach at Twin Cays. I can close my eyes and see them running that curve of pure white sand, little naked “butts” shining in the sun, splashing gin clear water everywhere, and looking for treasures with their sponge like minds and bodies soaking up all that is above and below the surface. It's a dream but man has to have his dreams doesn't he?    

By the end of next week Oconee will be winterized and put to bed for her winter's sleep. Our last emotion filled visits with friends will be behind us and we will be ready...almost, that is. My cousin, Chris Dunn's son Christopher is to be married in Columbus, Ga on the 19th and we are going. It looks like a great party with a mini-family reunion thrown in for good measure. We will spend the night with my Cousin Stacy Brannon and her husband Paul in Athen on the 20th and drag them back with us to Morehead City where they will join the crew of the Salty Turtle for the first leg of her trip South. We hope to head out on or about October 23. I can't wait to be moving again.

Fairwinds and Rum Drinks,

Vic C.

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Anonymous said...

We sold Moondance (sigh) but Skip is on his way south, helping our friend take his boat from Annapolis to Charleston. Keep an eye out for Calypso, a blue Sabre402! Looking forward to seeing you in Vero!