Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coconut Grove / Dinner Key / Key Biscyne

Abort! Abort! Abort! 12/30/2008

Well the best laid mice and all that stuff....

We woke at 4:00 AM to the roll of a 10 knot North wind. What don't you want to cross the Gulf Stream....? Answer, any wind out of the North. The stream flows North and with almost any wind out of the North it produces a very ugly wave pattern that is just not conformable.

We elected to sit tight. We will try again tonight. Hopefully, the next post will be from Nassau.

Again, you can follow our progress with the link to Yotreps on the blog. I will attempt to post a new location at 12 noon and 12 midnight.

Fariwinds and Rum Drinks,

Vic & Gigi

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1 comment:

Chappell said...

That is a pretty rough looking couple of fellows!

Will be looking at your progress towards the islands!

Celebrating the New Year half way across would be a hoot!